Reviews of Colours of the Cage (the book)

Mid-day by Lindsay Perreira

Sanhati (video of Book launch)

Sunday Mid-day by KareenaGianani

Sunday Guardian by Aditya Mani Jha

The Hindu by S. Ravi by RamuRamanathan

Millenniumpost by Vandana Singh

Countercurrents by SushmitaVerma

Mumbai Boss by PronotiDatta

Daily Graph

Hindustan Times by Shriya Mohan

FIRSTPOST.byM.R. Narayan Swamy by Siddhi

The Hindu Business Line by GauriLankesh by MahtabNama

The Tribune by B. L. Chakoo

Governance Now by ShreerupaMitra-Jha

Frontline by AnupamaKatakam

The Pioneer by AnanyaBorgohain

The Financial express by Anirudh Vohra

The Tribune India by B. L. Chakoo

The Tales Pensieve by Vaibhav Anand

The Caravan by Max Baerak

The Hindu by Harsh Mander

Biblio (Vol. XIX Nos. 1 &2 January February 2015) by Manisha Sethi

Excerpts of Colours of the Cage (the book)

Indian Express,-the-police-abducted-me-from-the-gates-of-Nagpur-jail%27

India Resists

Sunday Times


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