‘Colours of the Cage’ renders itself as a platform for art, expression and opinions in the service of peoples’ struggles and resistance.

What initially began in September 2011 as a voice for the release of Arun Ferreira, ‘Colours…’ now seeks to join the campaign for the unconditional release of all political prisoners in India. The plight of political prisoners in any country is a reflection of the general state of democratic rights and prevalence of human values in that country; and India is no exception. It is invariably linked to other issues of torture, custodial violence, use of special ‘anti-terror’ draconian laws, excesses by armed forces, false encounter killings, etc.

With global capitalism on the offensive all over the world there has been an across the board constriction of established democratic and human rights to suppress peoples’ movements. Under the pretext of the ‘war against terror’ various rights considered fundamental have been rolled back, laws made more stringent and punishments unreasonably enhanced. All over the world, it is the poor and toiling people and especially those who are waging battles against this offensive that have been targeted.

It is in this sense that the present world has increasingly become a cage for the vast majority. It is an era where the subjugated countries want independence, the oppressed nationalities want liberation and the world’s people seek revolutionary change.

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