Arun Ferreira is finally free

NAGPUR: ‘Chalo Papa, lets go!’ So said the alleged Naxal ideologue and Maharashtra State Committee member of the Communist Party of India ( Maoist) Arun Ferreira to his father Thomas shortly he was released from Nagpurcentral jail at 1.20 pm on Wednesday. He walked free after four-and-half years’ incarceration.

The alleged Naxal top cadre was released after formalities were completed by the jail authorities. Ferreira was granted bail by principal and district judge Gadchiroli SS Ahmed on November 10 last year. On Monday, Ferreira’s family paid the personal bond of 50,000 and 50,000 worth solvency certificate to secure his release.

Nagpur jail authorities allowed Ferreira’s release amid speculation about possibility of his re-arrest at central jail gate. Even Ferreira’s parents Thomas and Yuwan were unsure. Every minute’s wait seemed as long as an hour for the couple who walked around in anxiety. “The state is so powerful, it can do anything. It can arrest people like you and me anyone anytime,” said Thomas during a casual chat with TOI reflecting his inner fear.

Ferreira’s hugged his 72-year-old mother Yuwan and also pulled his father for an embrace in an emotion filled gesture. “Last time, we were made to wait and finally left alone. They did not release him,” said the mother referring to his re-arrest from jail premises last year. The same anxiety remained on the faces of Ferreira’s lawyers Surendra Gadling, Anil Kale and others. Though apparently there were no policemen other than jail staff around, the obvious presence of plainclothesmen from different security agencies kept them on tenterhooks.

“I want to go home now,” said Ferreira to media assembled outside the jail gate with a smile that belied the allegations that security agencies have levelled against this Bandra boy.

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