24 hours to save Arun Ferreira

In just 24 hours, human rights activist Arun Ferreira will appear in court at Nagpur to face more baseless charges. When that happens, focus on Arun’s case will surge across the country, and politicians will gauge the public mood before making their next move. That means we’ve got 24 hours to show that we the people will not let Arun Ferreira disappear into prison once again.

Last month, community leader Fr. Cedric Prakash started a petition on Change.org, calling on the Maharashtra Chief Minister to use his authority to drop the trumped up charges and release Arun Ferreira. We know that public pressure is already working — just two weeks ago the Maharashtra Home Minister agreed to personally investigate Arun’s case. But that’s not enough. This innocent activist has already spent 4 years in prison without ever being convicted of any crime. Every day he remains behind bars is one more too many.

Tomorrow’s court hearing is a can’t-miss opportunity to show the Chief Minister and the press that the Indian people demand nothing less than Arun’s full and immediate release

Please sign the petition and share widely


13 thoughts on “24 hours to save Arun Ferreira

  1. Let’s continue praying as prayers move God and faith moves mountains , God has the final say and answer for his release . When God says Yes who can say No.

  2. Victimizing innocent intellectuals with false charges is another kind of torture commonly practised in our region. I hope judges will not serve as pawns of ruling class dictates and stop mockery of justicy.

  3. all the under trials and detainees should get justice. This is a must.it is illiberal to confine people for long without trial

  4. We pray that this innocent soul is released not tortured for no fault of his. May Lord grant justice to the meek, humble of heart.

  5. Release him immediately ! do not treat an innocent person like this. This is against HUMAN RIGHTS, RESTORE HIS DIGNITY. He deserves it

  6. Bandra Buzz welcomes you, Arun Fereira back to Bandra. Keep your spirit high (no pun intended) and continue to be a torch-bearer for the truth – like our local newspaper – un-biased, creating community connect. Read Bandra Buzz ONLINE @ http://www.bandrabuzz.wordpress.com
    Wishing you an eventful 2012 – back home again, sharing quality time with family & friends.

    Merck N. D’Silva
    Bandra Buzz – Editor

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