Arun Ferreira being Nabbed outside the main gate of Nagpur Central Jail

Arun Ferreira was whisked away in front of his family members  on September 27th 2011, out side Nagpur  Central Jail,  The security agency personnel dragged Ferreira to their vehicles as soon as he came out of the jail. 

4 thoughts on “Arun Ferreira being Nabbed outside the main gate of Nagpur Central Jail

  1. Its shameful to be on this planet, you watch the circus of Terrorists who have killed on camera Mocking the Justice system in India , and you again have to bear witness to the death of the common man! this is blasphemy!!! where are all the so called activist ?? … I guess every body is trying to be Politically Correct , thats been the BANE of the history of the world…

  2. I have known Arun Ferreira as a respected senior in St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai over a period of five years (especially in the context of seniors and juniors interaction as one of camaraderie at St. Xavier’s College one of the topmost and respected colleges in India). Arun is a great fun loving guy and was a very active member of the Social Service League (SSL) in St. Xaviers College as well as in NSS activities and ever readily took up causes even within the College setting. SSL activities included regular education camps and manual camps to the tribal villages in rural Maharashtra so it is not surprising that Arun being of such compassionate nature would go on to take up their cause at an even more earnest level.

    It is a matter of utmost shame on part of the ‘Nagpur Police’ that a person with most apparent and clean credentials can so easily be framed and even imprisoned for no less than 4 years by downright corrupt and unscrupulous set of non humans and now being abducted in front of the Nagpur Central Jail which is a clear case of a conspiracy. When he has been set free why has he been rearrested or abducted by ofiicial authorIties. It is a contempt of the court and must be investigated. It is high time that the police is taken to proper task for its own grave crimes of maliciously framing innocent people. They must be held accountable. The police is not a set of super special people to be protected but they are rather composed of some rotten apple individuals who simply must be thrown out or imprisoned. Mere suspension or transfer adds to the injustice and is not acceptable. Full use of RTI must be made to track such cases and even greater punishment must be meted out to the police involved since they are supposed to be the guardians of the law. If they can frame allegations against individuals therefore individuals too must have the right to highlight crimes by the police e.g. bribes, false encounters etc. etc. etc. etc. without fear and expect it to be properly investigated through independent and effective mechanisms. On one hand Anna Hazare is being joined by millions of Indians to fight corruption but here these characters are perpetuating in their evil ways.

    In course of a trial if the prosecution comes to know that they are handling a false case then it must be made their mandatory duty to bring this to light and not continue pursuing the case for any other reason thus saving the innocent from imprisonment or worse. High incentives must be provided to the prosecution in such cases where they will admit to the false case and save precious time and resource of the court. However on the other hand they must be punished even more severely if they deliberately pursue a false case and withhold evidence of the same and therefore become even guiltier of framing an innocent. We do not want villain lawyers in the mould of the bollywood movies.

    As far as Dalits as a community is concerned what does it mean that they belong to a lower caste? Are they not Indians? If they are then where is their Right to Equality?

    No sympathies for the Maoists or Naxals who take up a violent path but if they on their part confirm and own up that the arrested have little to do with them then it must be paid attention to and the innocent not harassed any further which makes the police worse than any Maoist or Naxal and even non human because of their indiscriminate and mindless use of torture and keeping an innocent behind bars maliciously.

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